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“Pretty much, Mason.” There is a pause. It’s time to get down to business. “So what’s been going on?”

“Well, not a lot. However, I was alerted to an interesting situation in Bowers this past week.”

“Bowers. What’s going on down in Bowers?” he asks, sit-
ting up.

“Well, sir, it appears there’s an illegal dog fighting operation going on.”

“Dog fighting, what kinds of dog fighting are we talking about?”

“If you are referring to what types of dogs are being fought, then it’s pit bulls.”

“Pit bulls, aren’t they super-vicious, with jaws like goddamned bear traps?”

“They definitely have bad ass jaws, but I think they are bred to be vicious because of that very fact. I don’t think they are necessarily vicious by nature.”

“Well this is terrible, Mason! How in the hell did you find out about this?”

“A constituent: a man by the name of Julius Reynolds. A coon ass from the swamp lands.”

“Coon ass? Reynolds doesn’t sound like Louisiana to me.”

“Yeah, I know. By the sound of his voice I thought he was a Yankee, but he’s from New Orleans.”

“That’s an easy mistake to make, Mason. They sound similar. So tell me about this Julius Reynolds fella.”


I proceed to tell my boss all the details, including the part about Bowers Power, Inc.

“That’s interesting, Mason, very interesting indeed. I suggest you proceed with caution. But definitely proceed.”

“As I’ve told you, sir, I don’t know how to proceed, as all other governmental avenues have been exhausted. I guess we are Mr. Reynold’s last resort.”

“Have you tried the attorney general’s office?”

“No. Do you think I should?”

“Not yet, Mason. Before we do that we should try to figure out all we can ourselves…with the help of Mr. Reynold’s of course. Such as, who licenses dog kennels? That might be a good place to start.”

“Well, it would have to be the TDLR.”

“I’m not as good with these damn acronyms as you, Mason; who is that again?”

“The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.”

“Good thinking, Mason. See what they have to say. And remember…be discrete.”

Something’s been eating at me since I left the apartment; that something is Keith. I change the subject—again.

“We wouldn’t need so many of these acronyms if we legalized drugs.”

“The TD—whatever the hell they are—they don’t regulate drugs, do they?”

“No sir, if it’s legal then it’s the FDA, with edicts occasionally from the DEA. What I’m talking about is illegal drugs.”

“Christ NO! Jesus, Mason, we can’t do that. Are you out of your mind?”

“Not in the least bit, sir. Think about it…think about all the agencies that exist in law enforcement specifically because drugs are illegal.”

“Well, I know the DEA is a huge cost to the federal government.”

“And a fucking failure!”

“I love your passion, Mason. It’s one of the things that makes you so good at what you do, but no. It won’t work, think about the unintended consequences.”

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